Sunny Slope Orchard

Sunny Slope Orchard
In the coast range foothills overlooking the Sacramento Valley

Friday, November 25, 2011

Persimmon season

Thanksgiving has come and gone and once again our favorite persimmon appetizer was a big hit, with family members vacuuming the plate bare in no time. We described this simple treat - peeled-and-sliced fuyu persimmons sprinkled with lime - in a post last year here. If you have not tried it and want to wow guests at holiday parties or just add a delicious fruit plate to Fall meals, look no further than Fuyus and lime.

We will have Fuyu persimmons for sale for the next few weeks. We are picking every few days so if interested please call ahead at 707-448-4792.
A slice of Fuyu persimmon

Along with tending to persimmons and the Fall vegetable garden we are enjoying the vibrant colors the season offers. Here are some recent sights:
Timothy grass
A wild grape leaf
Wild grape climbs a barbed wire fence
more wild grapes

Toyon leaves after a rain

Apricot leaves are falling

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